These days “Oh, you’re the one that I want”

Westward Leaning brings the Olivia Palermo‘s design with rose gold lenses that will give you glam-highlighted shades of the world!

Westward Leaning rose gold Flower sunglasses designed by Olivia Palermo

The Flower models are their signature sunglasses. I see spring ahead! Happy 2016!

These days “Oh you’re the one that I want!”

A classic! Rolleiflex were always notable for their exceptional build quality, compact size, modest weight, superior optics, durable, simple, reliable mechanics and bright viewfinders.

Oh, you’re the one that I want!

Rolleiflex 6×4.5 (4560) film back for Hy6

Also, the exceptional street photographer Vivian Maier shot with Rolleiflex. Check her work here, and a documentary made about her intriguing story here.