The best coat styles for winter this year

We need them, we do! A little guide for the best coat hunt!

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I’m crazy about coats. Every year I’ll wait for fall and winter seasons to come so I can start taking my coats out of the wardrobe. Sounds nuts? Well, loving them or not, we all need them! And if you live in any place in the northern hemisphere, chances are they will be your daily companions of adventures! So choosing the best coat is more important than choosing any staple in our wardrobes. And if in doubt… oh well, everyone can use a little variety once in a while… 😉 This is a little guide with my favorite styles that are trending this season:

The Wool Trench

Woolen trench coat by the french brand The Kooples

Trench coats are the all-times classic style especially for fall, since they are often cotton-made. So why not to bring them into winter by making them out of wool? This The Kooples trench coat really brings beauty to the eyes and it is warm to the rest! The Kooples coats are a bit pricy but if you are looking to invest on a timeless piece that will survive (and still look good) for many winters, they are totally worth it! I’m slowly understanding that we should have fewer pieces of better quality. We enjoy MUCH more wearing them, and they last. But if your budget is short for this year, there goes a Forever 21 (and on sale! o/) version:

Wool blend navy coat in Forever 21

The Oversized Cocoon

Amazing oversized cocoon wool coat from Cos

My ultimate favorite style – the oversized. And throw in a cocoon cut (you know, the one where the base of the coat is wider and the side cut is spherical) and OH there you have, the perfect coat, oversized cocoon! The oversized style has taken the fashion world by storm since the last season and it is a very democratic style: it looks good on everyone! Plus, you can have those pizza-coke-duvet-movie winter sessions completely guilty-free, as one or two extra kilo won’t ever show! 😉 I tried on this one pictured above in Cos yesterday and regret not having waited a bit more to buy my coat this year… Again, it isn’t the cheapest one, but the wool is of great quality, and it feels really warm. Cos is the better brand for oversized minimal clothing but there is also this Studio oversized cocoon coat in Zara:

Studio oversized cocoon coat from Zara

The Structured Retro

High desirable Chloe structured retro pure wool coat

What a better way of feeling like you’re having a diva day than wearing a good, well cut structured retro coat? The burgundy Chloe coat pictured above is the one I couldn’t stop looking at and definitely the one I would be sporting around if just I where a hollywood star…! (Please, Santa!!!) I’m sorry to tell you that I looked all over the internet but couldn’t find a clone of it. In Zara’s lookbook of the beginning of fall/winter season there was one that looked a lot like it but still haven’t been launched, if it ever will. Meanwhile we try to content ourselves with this mustard structured retro coat in Mango: (oh don’t we love fast fashion?)

Mango’s structured pea coat in mustard

The Relaxed Parka

Urban Outfitter by Members Only super warm parka

If you own or ever owned a parka, you know that is very difficult to go for any other style on a very nasty weather day. Even more true of a statement when the outer fabric is waterproof and the lining warm and cozy. Oh, did I mention the hood? You’ll feel really lucky to be wearing any of those if you wake up late and leave in a hurry only to realize that it is raining. The parka pictured above is from Urban Outfitters, and I am a happy owner of it. It is by far the best coat I’ve ever owned for daily use. Warm, so warm, and the lining is really well made and smooth. I also like this other parka in Asos:

Asos’s stylish wallet-friendly parka

The Fitted Military

The impressive fitted military coat by Michael Kors

Ok, military coats aren’t such a new trend. They come mostly every winter. I wore my H&M military coat so much last year that I couldn’t stand looking at it any more. Though this year they come in a more fitted style, sometimes with high collar and invariably with two rows of very sparkly metal buttons for a powerful look. This Michael Kors navy fitted military coat is classic but its big lapels give it a modern twist. Also in a bit more relaxed fit version in Mango:

The stylish military coat by Mango

The Slouchy Teddy

The comfy Free People’s teddy coat

Not my favorite style, I have to confess, but I’ve seen SO many women wearing Teddy Coats here in Berlin and in Athens that I had to talk about them. With the increasing shout-out to the cruelty of the fur industry, along came the Teddy’s. Faux Fur isn’t so cool anymore. The idea is: if it is to be false, let’s show-off the falseness! While we protect the other living beings that have nothing to do with our crazy fashion ideas! 😛 Plus, who wouldn’t want to be all day hugged by a Teddy bear? For those days we feel comfy-chic is the way to go. Free People has this cream teddy coat pictured above, and Urban Outfitters has this reversible hooded version:

The versatile reversible Urban Outfitters teddy coat

The Ethnic Boho

The dreamy Isabel Marant version for the boho ethnic style coat

The coat that conquered 9 in 10 fashion-lovers this year, the Isabel Marant Dillon Coat examples really well the Boho fever that got us dreaming about tapestry-looking pieces, ethnic ponchos and fringes everywhere. It’s the star of our outfits, our most loved boho ethnic pieces. While we might don’t have 2000 euros to spare on it, we thank Zara, that as always comes to rescue us with this good-looking clone:

The low budget but still beautiful boho ethnic coat by Zara

The High Collar

The elegant and functional high collar coat by Zara

A case where fashion meets functionality – after all it’s not very easy to look good if you live in extreme cold cities. The high collar trend came back this year mostly because of the 70’s love that hit everybody. Tops, crop tops, sweaters, shirts, dresses, coats, the high necks are all over. For the practical ones, the perfect coat. Look great and feel warm. The Zara‘s High Collar Coat is a great option, and a more sporty version in Mango:

The minimal high collar coat made in Mango

The Masculine

Beautifully cut Zara’s masculine coat

The masculine trend came like a storm this year. Tomboy-looking coats are all over and found in every shop’s vitrine. The marked shoulders and semi-cocoon on this Zara Handmade Coat fit like a glove for all types of bodies. For those days when we are feeling very feminine – the contrast really speaks. With distressed skinnies or off course, boyfriend jeans… The masculine style coat picture above comes in toffee or black, or guess? Zara again below, in another version that comes in four colors and has a very flattering cut:

The go-with-everything masculine coat by Zara

The Minimal

The very minimal studio woolen coat by Mango

How elegant can minimal coats be? Especially because usually they are very well-cut and come in a high quality selection of materials. We don’t need much more to the outfit, minimal coats do all the job for a sleek, well-put look. This Mango Studio minimal coat is just perfect. Max Mara‘s pictured below has a high collar, pure virgin wool and it’s a gorgeous minimal coat:

The minimal high collar pure virgin wool coat from Max Mara

The Burgundy

Waiting for the tram in Berlin wearing my burgundy indian wool coat from Fabindia

No doubt this is the 2015/2016’s Fall & Winter color. Burgundy brings back the vibe of the 70’s, and it also matches very well the other tones of the season, like mustard, navy, dark shades of green and terracotta. I brought this burgundy handmade wool coat pictured above, that has mother of pearl buttons, back in 2009 from Mumbai, India. It is from Fabindia, a cooperative brand that delivers high quality hand crafted products. Always good when traveling, to be able to help the local community!  🙂 Also look how gorgeous this Balenciaga burgundy wool blend coat is:

The incredibly chic Balenciaga burgundy wool blend coat

If you are like 95% of the mortals, that recognize extreme beauty in the work of the best fashion designers but isn’t (yet) crazy enough to spend your monthly pay check in clothes, there are great opportunities of pre-owned pieces in Vestiaire Collective. Have fun!


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