Ruby Sofie: Vienna’s coolest (an affordable!) Design Hotel

Fulfill your inner Jet-Setter’s most ambitious dreams staying at this gem. You’ll become spoiled forever!

You know you reached maturity when bunker beds in shared hostel rooms aren’t your thing anymore. But you also know you aren’t a proper grown-up yet when designer 4-star hotels are still too big to fit your wallet.


ruby sofie hotel


It seems the Ruby Hotel chain was conceived to attend a new generation of adventurous, travel addicted, experience-oriented 30-something year-olds, that have an eye for sophistication but aren’t keen on spending more than half of their trip budget on a hotel room. Just like you.


ruby sofie hotel


I am very proud to have found this amazing hotel on my last trip to Vienna, Austria’s beautiful capital – which just happens to be one of my top 3 cities in the world. While researching online, I found Ruby Sofie Hotel: one of the two Ruby Hotels in Vienna.


ruby sofie hotel
<3 Wien.


It’s sister hotel is Ruby Marie, located at the heart of the city – right on celebrated Mariahilferstrasse. I was first striked by the clean, beautiful interior design and hypnotised by the hype rooms and lobby, and happy for it’s also very convenient location – it stays at the 3rd district, Landstrasse, just a jump from the U-bahn homonym station.


ruby sofie hotel logo


ruby sofie hotel


Speaking of sisters, I then quickly convinced mine (I was going to Vienna to meet her, and she was there for business) to spare a bit more than the usual budget, but to be rewarded with a zillion times better experience.


ruby sofie hotel


The Ruby Hotels team call their concept “Lean Luxury”. By eliminating the superfluous, it becomes possible to rise the quality and to concentrate on what guests really enjoy having on the place they are calling home, even if for only one night. Minimalism at its best. But don’t be mistaken, fellow explorer: you will feel like you’re staying at a high-luxury spot.


ruby sofie hotel


So, no mini-bars in each room, but a communal counter space with delicious teas and a drink vending machine, no swimming pool but a super comfortable bed even in the budget rooms, no dried, old scrambled eggs and sausages at the breakfast menu, but a selection of organic, fresh produce. Oh yes: a meditation room and a yoga terrace. There’s a 24-hour industrial-chic bar serving cocktails and Italian bites, as well as a fitness room and a funky lounge.


ruby sofie hotel
The hotel walls are filled with musical quotes. I know, right…?


And the list keeps going on… But what made me go “oooooooh” and to book it right away was (and call me a silly child if you will) the Marshal guitar amplifiers there are in every room. And off course, the guitars they offer for free at the reception. Not really feeling like showing off your Jimmy H beats these days? No worries, just plug in your phone, and enjoy your amplified self-curated playlist. They also have their own radio: The Ruby Radio plays all-time classics, Indie, and surprising new discoveries. I first found out about “Ruby Radio” when I was exploring Ruby Sofie’s site, because you can actually stream the radio and listen to it from wherever you are. Since then, I’ve been starting some of my mornings with Ruby Radio on.


ruby sofie hotel marshal
Marshal amplifiers in every room… Say whaaaa??


Ruby Sofie has 5 types of rooms, from The Nest Room to The Loft Room. But the goodness is: you really get what you pay for: all the facilities are the same in all rooms, and basically what differs the cheapest to the more expensive are the sizes of the beds and the rooms. But no matter the room you choose, you’ll always get the comfy bed, and you’ll always get the walk-in glass shower, such a great design feature concept. And they all have a curtain if you’re into privacy.


ruby sofie hotel


ruby sofie hotel


Ruby Sofie’s ornate Secessionist-style façade of the Sofiensäle music hall wraps it all up and it’s the glamour-topping-cherry. As I was lucky enough to call Vienna home for some time, 2 years ago,  I knew exactly were to take everyone and was thrilled to introduce them to the great architecture, super beautiful parks and delicious restaurants all around the city.


ruby sofie hotel
Oh yeah. In every room there is a complimentary tablet for internet surfing and city hidden secrets discovering.


We found a local Japanese restaurant right on Ruby Sofie’s corner. Listen to this as I’m not exaggerating: it was the best sushi I tried in a long time. Probably because I live in Berlin, which is not so famous for its restaurants, but still. The service could be better though, but oh well… it’s a fairly inexpensive place, specially for Vienna standards.  It was nothing fancy, but super fresh and tasty. Most times simple is gold.


ruby sofie hotel
Love me some Miso.


ruby sofie hotel


sushi ruby sofie hotel


And then there was the Schnitzel-hunt. It’s my sister favorite dish, and the reason she’ll always say yes to Austria without blinking. Schnitzels are usually not so cheap, though I did some research and… well… just let’s say… we found the best Schnitzel I’ve ever had, with lots of out-of-this-world pommes, crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside – for a bargain. I’ll tell you where on the next post along with tips on what to do in Vienna if you’re visiting for just one day!


ruby sofie hotel


By now as you’re most likely already wondering what is it that made me love everything about this trip, I’ll quietly show myself out – as I have no answer for that. Sometimes we just get real lucky…


ruby sofie hotel
Make your own story


ruby sofie hotel


But not before stating that I am now a confessed luxury addicted and refuse to travel if not staying in a super-cool Design hotel. Thank you Ruby Sofie, for spoiling me! I hope that they open a Ruby Hotel in every city of the world, and if not, I’ll keep on researching a lot to find other amazing and affordable hotels around. I’ll keep you guys posted on the best ways to!


ruby sofie hotel


What about you? Did you ever stay at Ruby Sofie or found a gem like it? Do you have a valuable tip on Vienna, or on finding great hotel deals around? Please let me know by commenting and don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help or advice!


ruby sofie hotel
Vintage finds. Yes, please.


ruby sofie hotel


ruby sofie hotel terrace

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The coolest (an affordable!) Design Hotel in Vienna: Ruby Sofie - Via EfZin




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    1. Ana, it’s a cushion! ahahahaha! But in any case it is great, and there are musical quotes spread all over the hotel… Pretty cool if you ask me! 😉

  1. Oooh, I love the amplifiers in each room! What a fun idea! It’s smart of hotels to start updating their amenities — definitely don’t need a mini bar (or even a pool!) but I love my music and the internet! The rooms look really nice. 🙂

  2. I don’t generally stay in hotels, but I have to admit this one looks very interesting. I can appreciate the artful aspect of it all. Cool post.

  3. Nice review! The rooms look really nice and given how they look and how clean they seem to be, the price is quite ok. Thanks for sharing this, will keep it in mind for the next trip to Vienna 🙂

    1. Oh, yeah, the price was actually quite amazing, considering that Vienna is such an expensive city, and a bunker bed in a shared hostel room can easily cost 40 euros! Thanks for reading!

  4. what a gorgeous hotel! I agree with you about being over the hostel scene – I tend to get my own room at a hostel so I can still cook but use the communal bathrooms and have privacy. Cool photos, and I *love* your blog 🙂

    1. Oh Sarah! That’s great to read! Yeah, I am gradualy realizing that I also need my own food, if I’m travelling for more than a few days… than I’ll also need a place to cook! 🙂 Thank you very much for reading and letting me know what you think!

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