Raw Paraguay – Ciudad del Este

Come check crazy, chaotic and juicy Paraguay!

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After a short hiatus due to airplanes, a crazy wedding and even crazier family / friends re-unions, I felt like editing and showing some of the photos of a short trip I took to Paraguay earlier this month.

electricity cables crossing buildings in ciudad del este, paraguay

hawker negotiating with client his fruits in ciudad del este, paraguay

I always preached that travelling isn’t just meant to be a vacation. Visiting a place shouldn’t be necessarily done just to admire common beauty. Beauty indeed IS in the eye of the beholder – and can be seen in very unusual places. Every culture has something interesting, every aesthetic can be made into a composition.

caged building facade in paraguay

a building facade in ciudad del elste, paraguay, half yellow and half blue, with most of the apartments caged on the balconies

Taking by example my sister-in-law, Andrea Motta, one of the most talented photographers I know: If asked, when in any city, if she wants to visit first the fancy, comfortable part of it, or the ghetto, she’ll go invariable for the second option – especially if it involves authentic samples of local street food. 🙂 Oh, check her work and her coverage on the Middle East emigration crisis here.

metal sign of a jewelry shop in paraguay

girls in front of green wall in ciudad del este, paraguay

I was spending a couple of weeks in Foz do Iguazu, Brazil (you probably heard of it because of its giant waterfall complex). It is a Triple Border area – Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. So, like almost every multiple-bordered area, things are a bit (ha-ha) chaotic. Brazilians cross often to Paraguay for shopping and to Argentina for good food (shhhh!).


lots of colored clothes displayed on a hawker's shop in ciudad del este, paraguay

So when in Ciudad el Este you will find yourself surrounded by heavy-armed men securing shops, a couple of malls with most of the best world’s fashion designers’ collections, and hawkers selling all sorts of stuff EVERYWHERE. Oh yeah, and there is this “baked pastry thing” (stuff sometimes is untranslatable) that will make this day in Paraguay worth! Found the name, it’s called Pastel Mandió, they are made of Yuca and there is a simple recipe here. I am though missing a photo of it, sorry – it was delicious and hunger spoke louder.

a little boy's outfit for sale framed into glass

dummie inside of glass wall reflecting the city of ciudad del este

It’s one of these places where you look at things with all five senses… And with no prejudice.

dummies of a dog and an e.t. showcasing cheap clothes in paraguay

stuffed minions and peppa pigs (children characters) for sale

hawkers selling pirate dvds e cds

a man on a corner wearing a paraguayan soccer team jersey

spices and roots for sale in ciudad del este, paraguay

a vintage, colorfu, painted bus in ciudad del este, paraguai

a hawker's stand in front of a citrus green wall in ciudad del este, paraguay

¡Viva Paraguay!

Tatiana Bastos Photography. More on instagram.com/tatyart11



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14 thoughts on “Raw Paraguay – Ciudad del Este”

    1. “Chaos is the science of surprises, of the nonlinear and the unpredictable. It teaches us to expect the unexpected. Recognizing the chaotic, fractal nature of our world can give us new insight, power, and wisdom.” 🙂

    1. Hello Kaylene! Oh well, I haven’t travelled south America as much as it deserves myself! It is so big and vast, each country has so many different cultures within itself! I hope you visit Brazil and Argentina, my favorite countries in south America… Have fun!

    1. 🙂 I believe interesting angles are the least of what we all deserve, taking into account all of the “same-same” articles we stumble around the internet every day… I’m trying to do something a bit different. Thanks for commenting!

  1. I really like your pictures. They do show the true colours of the place. It doesn’t always have to be rainbows and sandy beaches. as long as it shows their true self, I love it.

    1. Hey Naomi! Oh, thank you! If one thing, I only try to show the truth behind every place and culture, be it magnific or not so much. I think I am somewhere between an avid travel photograph and a documentary photographer trying to take my eyes to see as much as I can from our messy world… Thanks for stopping by and to comment!

  2. Paraguay looks extremely inviting! I share the ideology of seeing beauty in bizarre places. I love quirkier sights and shabby areas. We just visited the biggest slum of East Africa, Kibera, a month ago. After all the safaris, it was one of the highlights of our trip in Kenya.

    1. Oh I really enjoy walking around slums! From Rio, to Athens and Mumbai…! It takes an experienced travel and a wise character though… They aren’t normally the easiest places to explore! Thanks for your comment and happy traveling!

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