Mauerpark in Berlin

A fleamarket and a hype karaoke section? To make the most of a Sunday in Berlin, Mauerpark is the place.

Berlin’s Mauerpark is not only a tourist attraction but well-loved by Berlin’s locals as well. It hosts many events during summer, but it doesn’t lose its hypeness in winter. Mostly because it’s located in Prenzlauer Berg, one of the “it” neighbourhoods of Berlin.

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Mauerpark means “wall park”. It was part of the Berlin Wall between the neighbourhoods of Prenzlauer Berg and Gesundbrunnen. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, it was designated as a public space and one of several green spaces in the city by local residents. It was the Death Stripe, or the area between the two walls that separated the East Germany side and the West Germany side. Yes, the walls were two (one would be too easy to be jumped, I guess), and the between area, that served for the guard and observation towers is now Mauerpark.




Zara corduroy pants and frill neckline sweater. Banana Republic coat.


Mauerpark is more an urban park than a proper green park, but still a very cool place to bike around. There is a flea market on Sundays, but for sure the most interesting and celebrated event of Berlin’s Mauerpark is the Bearpit Karaoke. It started small in 2009 and after years of increasing popularity, it has become one of Berlin’s main attractions.




Also a great location for spotting what’s new and trending in Berlin.



Photoautomat machines are one of my FAVORITE things in Berlin. Not only they are all over, but people really seem to enjoy and use them all the time. I’m just afraid that at the end of my berliner’s life I’ll end up stuck with thousands of meters of Photoautomat’s striped photos. (Loving it) 🙂




Prenzlauer Berg is also home to lots of high quality cafes and second-hand and vintage shops.


Immunity and Chia Moringa smoothies from The Juicery in Berlin, with Mauerpark on the back


Aaaaaaand because no place is a place without something tasty, there is also this great excuse to drag your friends for a little Mauerpark visit (if nothing else can convince them). ‘Know organic juices? Hm? Dig smoothies? The Juicery has beautiful recipes with super foods and special selected fruits. Even their water is energized (whaaaa?!). It’s right across Mauerpark. Nhom-nhom.


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