Copenhagen – Last Part

So, by this time you might have fallen in love with the fairy-tallness of the city that some pronounce the happiest in the world. If you haven’t, this will be my last try. 😉

Mood of the post: Angus and Julia Stone taking you for a ride on their Big Jet Plane:

Browsing AirbNb apartments to stay in Copenhagen I found one that caught my eye right away, only to realize that it wasn’t quite central. It was actually on the suburban area of the city. But I couldn’t resist neither the charm of it, nor the idea of some relaxing days in a bucolic area in Denmark. I love bucolic. I knew I would love Denmark.

A wooden bench on grass, a tree and a lake at the depths.
The Radiomarken lake, on Lyngby, Northern Copenhagen

Meet Lyngby, on the area of the so-called Whiskey Belt. One of the districts of Northern Copenhagen, is the home of most wealthy Copenhagen families – hence the nickname, Whiskey Belt. The difference is though subtle, due to the high quality of life in most Denmark. But the district still have its fair share of royal mansions, meticulously kept parks and golf courses.

A lake next to green grass and tall trees

A white mansion on top of a green hill surrounded by tall trees and blue sky

So I left the last days of the trip to be spent there, just to be there, drinking wine and cooking good food and taking day walks to, well, treat a bit my eyes, too.

A turquoise furnished kitchen counter
How to resist to be cooking in this Scandi-style-surrounded-by-trees-kitchen?

An enlighted living room decorated in scandinavian style

And off course, along with it comes a fairy-like forest:

a forest of very tall trees and tint white flowers spread around

The facade of a triangle roofed white house with the number 129
Lyngby, northern suburbs of Copenhagen   
plate will salmon and musgroom pasta topped by fresh mozzarella and basil
Salmon in Scandinavia, what a cliche. 🙂

Also don’t miss while in Copenhagen:

a decorated paper expresso cup next to a glass with milk coffee and a street in norrebro on the depth
Coffee Collective in Jægersborggade, Nørrebro, one of Copenhagen’s finest.

The many trendy cafes. Goes without saying. Coffee Collective in Jægersborggade is a local’s fave.

A dark bar with three illustration framed on the wall, of a gun and women
Bar in Indre By

Copenhagen’s nightlife. The often underestimated but flourishing night scene has its own vibrancy.

And the best way to translate the Danish way of life:

Poster by the scented candles shop Skandinavisk celebrating the Hygge.

Hygge is a Danish word that is hard to explain and even harder to pronounce ( ‘hoo-ga’) translates roughly to ‘coziness’. This concept is said to make homes nicer and people happier. The term comes from a Norwegian word meaning “wellbeing” (oh, I love this already!) and doesn’t really translate into other languages. But for sure we did all already get in touch with Hygge: You know when it’s cold out and you are wearing your most comfortable clothes drinking something hot out of your favorite mug and watching the last episode of your series? That’s Hygge. Or when your family is all gathered around the table on Christmas, with beautiful porcelain serving the food, candles lightened and the house is all clean and nice? That’s also Hygge. And it’s also Ichi-go Ichi-e, a japanese person would say. Or “one time, one meeting”. A cultural concept of treasuring meetings with people. But that’s already a theme for another post. So just have in mind, nevermind which culture, just work daily to create a Blissful Life around you. Ef Zin everybody! <3

Take time to do what makes your soul happy.

Photos by: Tatiana Bastos. More of them on If you have any photos of Copenhagen, tag them #efzinblissfullife, as I would LOVE to see them!

Oh, and the music makes you smile? There is some more of the australian brothers Julia and Angus Stone‘s work on their Soundcloud page.

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  1. Hygge eh? That’s a word I just might have to add to my lexicon 😉 It sums up the feeling of coziness in a way that is actually even better than the word cozy itself!

    The Whiskey belt looks like a lovely place to both visit and live, not least with its forest straight from the Brothers Grimm. Every city has its more refined areas, subtle differences between the areas or otherwise 😉

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